We accurately choose and check the aluminum alloys used, according to the European standard EN 1676, taking into account the type of product to be manufactured.

The types of alloys we use in the manufacturing process are:

  • 226/ EN AB 46000/ AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
  • 231/ EN AB 47100/ AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
  • 260/ EN AB 48000/ AlSi12CuNiMg
  • 230/ EN AB 44300/ AlSi12(Fe)
  • 239/ EN AB 43400/ AlSi10Mg(Fe)

High pressure die casting

High pressure aluminium die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten aluminum is cast in steel molds. The molds are created internally or by external partners, using special steels and are individually designed for each product, thus allowing us to manufacture each component accurately and systematically.

At our production facility in Braşov, we use casting machines with clamping forces from 420 tons to 1,200 tons.

We ensure process stability and product quality through:

  • teams of specialists who constantly supervise and improve the casting process
  • reliable, electronically controlled independent casting machines or robotic cells
  • efficient dosing systems
  • molds spraying systems
  • extraction robots
  • thermal control of molds
  • scheduled maintenance

Surface treatment

We perform surface treatments to improve the surface characteristics of the components we manufacture. These treatments can have a functional purpose (roughness, corrosion protection, wear protection), as well as aesthetic purpose (brightness, color).


  • sanding
  • vibratory finishing
  • dyeing
  • anodic oxidation

Mechanical machining

We can manufacture a wide variety of components through high-precision machining, a process in which a successive transformation of the raw-state components in a finished state takes place.

Equipments we use:

  • 3-axis and 4-axis vertical CNC machining centers
  • high-capacity rotary table processing centers
  • cleaning and drying equipments


We insert the components the following: gaskets, bearings, bushings, completely controlling the presence, position, force and stroke, then we test the product characteristics according to specifications.

Depending on customer requirements, we inspect and verify product functionality and, if necessary, ensure traceability by laser marking DMC codes.

Project development

Project management

From the customer’s idea to a finished component, the project manager guides his projects from the initial order to far beyond the standard operating procedure, by ensuring a fully transparent and proactive communication with the customer.

Product development

Feasibility and development studies are the preliminary stage of the production cycle, in which aspects such as casting, trimming and machining are analyzed and the product’s design is adjusted for the production phase.

The analysis of the parting lines, geometric tolerances and the choice for the material to be used in the production process, are aimed at maximizing the lifetime of the mold and the tools, and the final quality of the cast and the machined part.

Our rapid prototyping services ensure a safe project launch by producing samples through 3D printing or CNC machining processes.

Process development

We achieve innovative and cost effective die cast and machining solutions with highest quality specifications and a zero defect strategy. Thanks to our know-how, and flanked by state-of-the-art simulation methods, we develop, design and manufacture our production resources in-house or with experienced partners. This guarantees that continuous tools improvements are made into a flexible process by ensuring customer satisfaction and costs reduction.